Connect Week is all about making connections at university that last a life time. It will be an opportunity to start connecting with your peers, going to social events, joining clubs and societies and more. This jam packed week has a lot to offer, so get ready kick start week 1 with a bang.

Things to do during Connect Week

  • Connect yourself to UQU clubs and societies. 
  • Attend major social events. These event help form connections between new and current students and welcome everybody to the new university year (heavy social distancing rules will apply).
  • Stop by the Welcome Hub. The hub is a great place to get further information, receive freebies, win prizes, listen to live music and sit back and relax.
  • If you are a new International student stop by the Arrival Lounge at St Lucia for information nights, games nights, speed friending, movie nights and more
  • If you are studying online, sign up to the Virtual Village. This program is led by UQ students and connects students online based on hobbies such as food, travel, art, entertainment and more. Meet up online or on campus for social events throughout the year and make new friends based on your interests!

To view event sessions: Click on the tabs below to view sessions and events being held at your campus or simply click ‘All’ to view all events from all campuses. Click into each event for further information about dates, times, sessions and registration information.