The Tertiary Writing Program (TWP) comprises three 1½ hour sessions which run over three consecutive days. The program recommended for all postgraduate and undergraduate students in:

  • Business, Economics and Law (BEL) Faculty
  • Health and Behavioural Science (HABS) Faculty
  • Humanities and Social Science (HASS) Faculty.

This hands-on writing program builds on critical thinking, reading and writing practices introduced in O-Week workshops and/or skills gained by students in previous semesters. The program will help you develop the key skills needed for academic writing at university. You will get the opportunity to practise these skills, get feedback on your writing, and engage with other student writers.

It is advisable to attend all three sessions as the latter two sessions rely on understandings and content gained during previous sessions. You may, however, choose to attend only one or two of the sessions, depending on your needs.

Session 3 Details - Coherence
Improve coherence in your writing by connecting ideas at the sentence and paragraph level. Make effective use of linking devices and the organisation of old and new material in sentences. 

5 March
Online via Zoom
Registration required - please register via the Tertiary Writing Program website below

Register via the TWP website

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Friday, 5 March 2021 - 9:00am to 10:30am
Online via Zoom
Online via Zoom